Carole Schneider

Although I don't have a 15,000( can't afford it) I follow this forum.  When my 11,000 died I decided to purchase a 500E since I also have the 6500 which is a fantastic machine for all sewing I do. All my designs, probably hundreds, are on CDs and I used a CD player to feed them into my 11,000.  Now I am told there is no way to connect a CD player to the 500E!!  It is so frustrating to have to go to my computer which is in another room, insert the CD and then transfer the designs to a thumb drive. Then go back to my machine with it, pull the designs up on the rather small screen and find it necessary to individually select each design to find the size I want(when several size are available).
Thumb drives may be wonderful for some things but this is very cumbersome for me.  Another thing that is frustrating about the thumb drives, they are much more expensive than CDs, Although they will hold a lot they are too small to mark, unlike CDs.

Not all that crazy about this machine!  

ARGHHHHH, just realized that all designs must be in the bmf folder before the machine will recognize them!  Well thank you for letting me vent!!!!

Thank you Jim for what you do.  You have been the guru fir a long time!

Carole in GA

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