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Be sure your needle is in the correct position.  The best way to do that is do needle up and down one time and that will put in the correct position.  Also Schmetz needles seem to have a longer shank and if not way up in the holder may interfere with the needle threading.  I can do Schmetz,, Janome, Organ but not Klasse.  The Klasse needles seem to have a shorter shank.


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It is interesting that your threader works in embroidery mode but not when you are sewing.  Do you use different needles for sewing and embroidery?  I discovered my threader works when I use Janome needles but not when I use Schmetz needles.  


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Embroidery needles have a larger eye, so there is more room for the hook go to through. It the threader has been adjusted to a size 14 (Janome standard procedure), the eye may not be centered for the hook on a size 11.

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