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Maria Morrow

Mine did also. Did you try reversing the entry of the thread?  This is Janome’s fix. After you come down the channel on the right and back up the left channel, thread the takeup lever on the left side over the top and come down the right side.  This has almost eliminated the problem. Now it I only has happened twice in about six months instead of twice every five minutes.  

Maria Morrow, Vice President 
Camellia Quilters, Slidell

On Sep 21, 2018, at 6:33 PM, Patti Brommelsiek via Groups.Io <pble2000@...> wrote:

I continue to have problems with thread jumping out of the take-up lever even after manually adjusting the spring thing-y and two trips to the dealer.
My threader only works in embroidery mode and since I have a tremor, this is a disappointment.
Haven't been able to find a local dealer after a long move who will update the system in my 15000.

Use the iPad for design transfer and like that very much. Looking forward to a new iPad with stylus to use the AcuSketch app.

Your apps are great and much appreciated.

Patti in San Diego

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