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Janome has the Brush-Out Embroidery Kit, part #200383006. It has a special foot that feeds the yarn while it's being stitched down. This is a high-shank foot, so it would fit the 12000, but it's also positioned for a 7mm opening so the needle might hit it. We don't have one to try, but perhaps someone in the studio audience does. Anyone? Anyone? Beuhler?

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I just bought a design that incorporates yarn couching (a Husquvarna design.) I know they have a couching foot, or system. Does the 12000 have that? I'm at work now and can't look at my machine, and everything that I see on the web doesn't tell what all feet came with our lovely machine!

Thanks--really appreciate all the help you are giving all of us!

Alison in Texas

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