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1.  Biggest irritation with my 15000 is fine tuning tension...it just seems to be inconsistent from project to project.  I rarely have to touch the tension on my 6600, 350E, or 500E...but always have to test and tweak it on my 15000.  I feel like I fumble my way through the process.

I am actually going to combine items 2 and 3, I find it difficult and confusing on how to move my stitch files in and out of the ipad design editing apps so that I can save them on my desktop or to my backup hard drives where I keep my design files.


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There is a 15000 group on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/Janome15000/) that is featuring video from a different educator each month. We have signed up for January, 2019. I know that a lot of group members here don't like Facebook. I'm not all that crazy about them using me as a product myself! So, come January, any video that posts to FB will also post here so you won't miss out. Some of the videos will be things we've already done and you've already seen, but we plan to use the intervening months to make new ones. Toward that end I'm asking for your help. Please respond to this post by supplying your answers to the following three categories:

  1. The biggest problem I have with my machine is:  (Note - please don't say the needle threader. We know, and we can't do anything about that!
  2. The biggest problem I have with my Janome software is:
  3. The biggest problem I have with my iPad is:
Your answers will guide us to making videos to address the pain points. The videos that we create, here or on FB, will be up for one week from the date they are posted in January. We'll let you know whenever a new one drops. Thanks for your help!

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