locked Re: Upcoming MC15000 videos

Ceil J

1. Machine tension while embroidering seems to change.  I'll have to see my dealer about this, I know, but he's quite a distance from me and I can't make the trip now.  It seems that sometimes the thread is too tight in the tension discs.  Not sure why this happens but often shutting off the machine and turning it back on will fix the problem.  If I look at the back of an embroidery piece I can see that the 1/3 rule is only working here and there.  I get through most embroidery projects but it's annoying.  I thought it was the fact that I didn't have the right bobbin thread, needle, etc. but have concluded after much expense and with some experience, that it's the machine not me. 
2. None with Horizon Link Suite.  I do have a problem trying to figure out what software to buy to do some very basic digitizing and think that perhaps if I spent more time with either AcuEdit or Acudesign, one of them might be all I need to add/subtract/combine parts of designs, but I've not spent the time on them.
3. None.
In general the main problem I have is that the machine does so much that I keep getting distracted and going off in different directions :)

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