locked Re: Upcoming MC15000 videos

Mary Galea <nunkuri@...>

I’m absolutely thrilled you’re doing the educator spot for January, Jim and Diane! 

I don’t have a problem using my machine. This group and the FB group you’re supporting help identify and fix any issues that may arise, often before I’m even aware one may exist.

The biggest problem I have with Janome software is the lack of support and training post  purchase. If anyone is not near their dealer, the free lessons are often too difficult to access, and not everyone has an iPad to access the brilliant apps you have created. 

The iPad itself? Training, training, training. I have never learnt how to use the apps properly, and trial and error without say, a little workbook like the seperate workbooks for the machine, doesn’t help. I’m not a “play and work it out” person, and if I don’t know what I don’t know, it means I don’t try. 

And I’m sure it won’t be just me, but I am disappointed that all the work you’ll put into making a video, and it will only be available for a week. I’m in Australia, and January is when many Southern Hemisphere people are away for summer holidays.  

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