iPad to machine problem.

Theresa Lindal

i have my laptop set up as wired because I was having some problems .  The service man from internet said to just have it wired, so I did but now when I use the iPad it says commications error.  Is there another way to send design to the machine with the iPad my iPad is not outdated. or not?

i don’t think I have used it since I had the update on my machine, I’m thing Im thinking I have to change the settings on it but not sure how. It says the router number now which I used before th upgrade.  Havent embroidered for awhile got your videos they fired me up again.

[Jim’s response]
Tap the troubleshooting settings tab in your 15000 app. It has a section that explains how to diagnose and fix WiFi problems. In your case, if the signal is too weak for your laptop it definitely won’t work for the iPad. You can probably get around that by Turing on “Internet connection sharing” on the laptop and use that for both the machine and iPad. You will need help with that. It’s too involved to explain here. 

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