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Angie Rowe

I took the survey. I also have the same response. I feel that classes are more for sales pitches to buy more 

Angie Rowe

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I am replying to the survey only about my Janome dealer.  I have other dealers that I have bought other manufactured machines, and I would answer differently about each one.  Having grown up with my parents owning a tire dealership, I agree with the basic fact that the employees are not as engaged as my parents were in making a profit to keep them employed.  They just don't understand the process!

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That's a good point. Our first employee was pretty clueless at the start, and it took several years before she would demonstrate any machine above the $200 front load model. Employees are a major problem for businesses and we were no exception. Small retail businesses cannot afford to pay very much, and as a result often don't get very much from their employees. One of the hardest things for an owner to grasp is that as important as your business is to you, your employees don't see it that way. Financial incentives, like commission on sales, don't help nearly as much as you might think. When you, the owner, are responsible for everything you come in early, leave late, and take minimal time off. We actually had to plan for a drop in sales for those times we would be out of the store for several days at a time. That said, your point is well taken. Thanks for making it!

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