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That’s so cool Ceil.  I knew someone had but didn’t want to name the wrong person. 


I thought this was similar, they made sure the picture was in that spot on the binding, but the same technique could be used to put the quilt information, aka label, in a spot


I recently typed my info on top of the binding after it was attached.  That was harder to stitch through, but looked ok.  It was on a wall hanging so it wasn’t real important what the back of the binding looked like. The letters wouldn’t be readable on the back.  I used matching thread so it wouldn’t be real obvious. 


Sometimes, I just write it with permanent ink on the back, and then heat set it with a dry iron.



Subject: Re: [onlinesewing-janome] Quiting Letters in the Binding


Thanks for the link, that's interesting.  I've put my quilt label ON the binding (on the back) at times meaning I've stitched the information on the open binding so that it appears correctly when the binding is attached.  I did it once in matching thread so that it wasn't really obvious.  I didn't do this for security reasons, just because I'm not a fan of a separate label.  I've also stitched the information directly on the backing fabric, once along with the built-in tulip quilting design (Design 2.10).  The trick was to do a chalk box outline to keep things straight once the backing was partially sewn on. 


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