Re: My 15000 Updates

cas <cassweet@...>

I forgot
“asking for help 101”

Um, I have version 11.0.3 IOS but see there is a new update to 11.4.1  so I’ll do that now.


I had turned my ipad off, but just now turned it on to see what IOS I have.  NOW, the 15000 troubleshooting videos are there.

So maybe, I should have tried a few more steps before bugging you.

Shrug, and thanks for all you do.

I do have to mention I sure do love Diane’s voice and videos.  So pleasant.  The sewing machine always looks immaculate too, as do her nails.  J

Btw the nice clear shots!  I can see in your buttonhole foot better than the one I’m sitting in front of.

Amazing app, is there a place to nominate you for rewards?



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