Re: Fons and Porter episode yesterday

cas <cassweet@...>

The reply to a question about instructions looks like they will eventually put the instructions on the website.  I remember that show, and silly me, figured at the time I would remember how to easily duplicate the project.  There is a good picture of one of the stitches here, and maybe they will put up instructions.  They do state they used Pfaff and Pfaff stitches.




The Fons and Porter episode 3103 was on the tv.  I wished I could of backed up or taped it, but we stopped our cable and just watch now through an antenna. This was why I could not really catch what I was interested in.  Jan, knew exactly what I was talking about.  These stitches, Radiant, Triple Ribbon and Floating are amazing on the Pfaff!!!  I cannot believe they are ahead of Janome.  I was very impressed!! Thank you everyone for your help!  I will be playing in stitch composer, if I come close to something like these stitches, I will pass them along.


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