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Thanks Jim, I love an alternative source or information.  When I went to subscribe it asked which web based reader I want to use.  Do you know which is best?



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I know that many of the members of this group are also on Facebook, and probably as many or more have avoided Facebook. I set up a Facebook page when we still had the store, and added a page for Online Sewing as a means of communicating with our customers. These days there is a cloud over Facebook as more and more has come out about their business practices and what information they collect and keep. Many of you have probably received emails from sites you are registered on, with information about what information they collect and what they do with it. This is a direct result of the GDPR, a regulation passed in the EU governing what a site must disclose. The penalties for violation can be quite severe. Facebook has not been forthcoming in compliance, and they have enough money to fight for a long time. Rather than attack Facebook, it would be much more economical for the EU to go after individual page owners first. Since FB users are powerless to know anything about what Facebook collects, they are natural targets. Accordingly I am no longer posting anything on the Online Sewing FB page and will deactivate it in a week or two. Instead I have set up a blog: It's not for discussion - there are no comments. It's simply a way for me to announce things, offer tips and suggestions, and address general issues that I feel it's good to know about. I don't keep track of any visitors or collect any information of any kind. There is no requirement for you to read it, follow it, or anything else. It's just a resource you can use or ignore at your pleasure.

Please don't reply to this post with your 27 reasons why you don't do Facebook. It's a personal choice, some like it, some don't, and that's OK. I'm not trying to start a divisive rift. Lord knows, our country has far too many of those already. I'm just letting you know why the FB page is going away, and where it's gone. Thanks so much for your membership and support over the years. Many of you have been following us for so long that you're nearly family. We deeply appreciate your loyalty and will continue to do our very best to deserve it.

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