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Oh!! Lightbulb moment!! Using dental floss .... and I’ve only ever used thread doubled, and invariably, one or both breaks before the gathering is done. Unbelievable frustration over many attempts meant buying the ruffler foot, but given my inbuilt hesitation, I’ve not even tried to attach it, let alone try it. But using dental floss is such a simple solution! I’m about to go to the bathroom, grab a roll and put it straight into my notions drawer. Thank you! The simplest things can really make your day! 
Best ruffled wishes, Mary Galea

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The ruffler attachment works great for shirt-weight fabrics, but heavy fabric will not ruffle well. In fact, if it's really heavy it could damage the attachment. You could ruffle "old school" by zigzagging over dental floss and pulling up the ruffles. 

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