Re: HP foot

cas <cassweet@...>

I liked that the right side of it has a shorter “toe” and is exactly ¼” wide.  The gap in between the toes is wider too, so the visibility is great. I liked it when I was doing foundation piecing for that reason.  It’s nice when you want to sew ¼” and you have an oversize piece, since you can view the edge you can line up with the right size piece without trimming the bottom one.  I think it would work good for sewing in curves. I couldn’t get mine to grip and pull the fabric though.  Maybe because it is so smooth and flat on the bottom, with no cut out for stitches like there is on the “F” foot I often use.  It only uses half the feed dogs and it’s a learning curve.  I still think my tension has been different since my machine went for the upgrade, but it’s been checked since and he said it’s fine…




I’m wondering why this HP foot is so special.  What does it do that the ‘A’ foot can’t do, or will it sew a 1/4” seam allowance?  I checked on line for it and can get it for $6.99 from sewingpartsonlinecom.  Quite a low price for a presser foot.  I have the 12000 but see that it can be used with the zig-zag plate.



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