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On Sat, Jun 2, 2018 at 01:49 pm, B Diane Landon wrote:
I’m confused. I seem to have Stitch Buddy HD. I use it on my iPad. When I search the ap store I don’t see a $50 version. Am I missing anything?
No, you don't. Not being a native speaker I might have complicated things unnecessarily with my explanations. There are two versions of StitchBuddy, one in the iOS App Store and one in the Mac App Store (for some reasons Apple decided to run two different stores depending on the operating system):

  1. StitchBuddy HD runs on iPhones and iPads. It is a free app for viewing / printing / sharing designs and for testing editing functions of small files (max. 1,000 stitches). Modifying larger designs can be unlocked by "In-App Purchase" for USD 10 (this feature is automatically provided for former customers of StitchBuddy HD). In the past there was a free viewing app (StitchBuddy View), which I discontinued since mid of May.
  2. StitchBuddy for Mac runs on Apple computers with macOS. It offers some more advanced functions like stitch simulator, batch conversion, ... The pricing policy is pretty much the same: A free app for organizing designs and for testing editing functions of small designs, and an "In-App Purchase" to modify larger designs for USD 50.
An "In-App-Purchase" (IAP) is a way to unlock additional features instantly and directly from the app, charging the user's Apple ID. It is often used in "freemium" games for new levels, more powerful characters etc. IAP allows me to offer the same app as a free (limited) trial and a full version without the need to handle license keys, different app versions etc.

I'm sorry StitchBuddy is actually taking so much room in this forum. Although I'm more than happy to answer your questions here, you can always reach me by email at info@... (this contact email and much more information - including some video tutorials - is published at StitchBuddy's website). I hope I could clarify things a little...

Have a wonderful Sunday, Matthias 

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