Re: stitch Buddy


Hi Sandra,

On Fri, Jun 1, 2018 at 02:25 pm, Sandie Williamson wrote:
I've put Stitch Buddy onto my iPad & once accustomed to using it, I'll pay the $50 to get reasonable coverage since 1000 stitches is a low bar to reach! 
I do have query about the following: [...]
First a minor, but maybe important remark: The full version in iPads / iPhones is USD 10, while USD 50 is the price for StitchBuddy running on Macs.

With regards to your other question: StitchBuddy on iOS came in two version until mid of May: a free viewer for all iOS devices and one with editing capabilities only for iPads for USD 10. Two weeks ago I combined both versions into a single one (for iPhones and iPads), replacing the premium one, made it a free trial and introduced the "In-App Purchase" to unlock saving larger designs. So you might have the free version already installed - with a very similar icon - and additionally you've downloaded the new one. It's save to delete the old version if you're keeping its designs in iCloud. Otherwise you should back up the designs, first.

HTH, Matthias

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