Re: Sewing chair

Sue Raabe <susies.stitches@...>

I’ve been looking for one too.  A few years ago, I saw one at a quilt show, and it was just what I wanted.  Unfortunately, I don’t know what brand it was, and the vendor was called the Chair Lady.  I have seen the Koala chair advertised, but as has been said, it’s a lot of money.  I have the tall Koala sewing center, and need a tall chair.  The one I have is difficult to get into, and tilts slightly forward.  It doesn’t adjust forward or back.  I hate to buy a chair sight unseen, because even though the delivery  is free, I doubt the return shipping is.  Are there any retailers who carry it, so we can “try before we buy”?  I’ve seen the tall chair online for $299.  Has anyone seen it for less?  In answer to the question about an office chair vs sewing chair, if you don’t need the higher chair, Staples carries a 
Tempurpedic that I wouldn’t hesitate to use as a sewing chair if it were tall.  I can adjust it to exactly the position I need.

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