Re: WiFi


By now I think most of us know about WiFi and interference. The fact that my 15000  transferred designs via WiFi before the update, tells me it isn’t necessarily the WiFi, but the sewing machine. This is something I expect my dealer to be able to fix and will pay him a visit. The machine is a bit heavy to carry up and down stairs which is why I consulted Jim.

As far as making us lazy, in same cases I believe that is true, but I also find, at 73, all this technology is a challenge. I learned to type on a manual typewriter and telephoned friends by talking to an operator. Our telephone was a 6 party line. I find learning how to use what is available to us has kept my brain from turning to mush. iRobot vacuum cleaners make us lazy;  learning new apps, how to transfer files, etc., is challenging and gives me a sense of accomplishment. Just my opinion!

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