Re: Janome 15000 stitch chart


Yes, the "Stitchers Garden" is a great way to utilize the Stitches, and makes a lovely quilt! Two other quilt projects that also expand the use of decorative stitches are the "Latte Quilt" and "Triple Needle Heirloom Quilt", I haven't looked lately to see if they are still available. Latte was a book and design set and Triple Needle...was a free project with instructions for Brother & Pfaff Stitches. 
The function to "Convert STX files" in Horizon Link Suite is a great addition to the software. It's fairly easy to use but does require a little fiddling to get the start & end points of the Circles to match up perfectly. I'm hoping that a future update will make it a little more improved, but it's fun to use. Also, if you've created any of your own STX files in Stitch Composer they can be used, which really can expand the stitches available. Janome hasn't made all of the machine stitches into STX files for use. I've asked for them, but didn't get a positive answer! Bernina has all of their decorative stitches available on the Embroidery side of their machines, and I think Pfaff has too.

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