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The new Horizon Link update with the quilt maker allows us to bring many of the decorative stitches into the embroidery hoop.  It offers some options on making circles and lines.  This is a great opportunity to construct frames and border designs.  Embird also imports the Janome stitch extension and you can edit and create with the stitches.  I’d love to see a video ... hint hint ..... on this feature of HL.  

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From my own experience I would suggest that if you want to learn about how to use the various decorative stitches, the best way to start out is to stitch every single one of them and create a Stitch Book or some type of record so that you can actually see what they look like and how they stitch. The little pictures on the machine and the manual will never give a complete visual of this. As another member recommended, look at the screen for information, and compare this with what the manual may say about the stitch and or the category.
Re Wing Needles, the type of stitch you want is a stitch pattern that goes in and out of the same spot a few times to create the hole that the needle makes. The first five stitches in the Heirloom category of the 12000 and 15000 work well for Wing Needle work. Wing Needle work also works best on natural fiber fabrics rather than synthetics.
Back to my first recommendation; make a record! <IMG_20150313_180016_570.jpg>
​This is a picture of a few pages out of my Stitch Book for the 12000.

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