Re: Sewing pressure

Theresa Lindal

I had the same problem on my smaller machine for classes, haven’t tried this on my 15000.  I used my quilting foot which is for straight stitching and it fixed the problem.

On Wed, May 2, 2018 at 8:07 AM Linda Wunder <glwunderful@...> wrote:
I am having a related issue... I think .  When I start to sew two layers of fabric...i.e. two quilt pieces, my machine starts to sew but doesn't move forward. It sews in one place, so I get a glob of thread on the bottom and have to start over.  It works the best if I start in about .25 inch, but then I have to go back and resew that quarter inch from the other side.  I also have trouble sewing over seams.   Any ideas of settings to change or what I should try.  Thanks



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