Re: Janome CD drive/upgrades

vicki chrobak

OK Jim, Thanks once again!  Especially for your patience. 
Vicki Jo

Whoa there! Don't get all excited - let me elaborate on what I said.

Both the Memory Craft 10000 and 11000 had paid upgrades. The 10000 
upgrade allowed users of the 10000 to upgrade their machine to the model
 10001. For the 11000 there were two upgrades. The first added support 
for the magnetic hoop SQ for quilting. The second upgraded the machine 
to the 11000SE. In both cases these upgrades were released after the 
machines had been out for several years. They were not bug fixes, but 
additional features.

In the case of the 12000, the first update has already been released, 
for bug fixes and adding additional languages. Any other updates over 
the next couple of years will almost certainly be free. Only when they 
release a 12001 or 12000SE or whatever will they come out with a paid 
upgrade. That will mean that instead of buying the 12001 or 12000SE or 
whatever you will be able to upgrade your machine for a very reasonable 

The ability to upgrade the machine is not common to all brands, which 
may be why you have not encountered it before. There will probably be a 
few minor updates over the next few years before they do a major 
upgrade, so rest easy. You made a wise investment and it will pay 
dividends in satisfaction for years to come!

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> Jim, Why would we have to pay for upgrades to our machines after paying 

> all this money?  I've never had to do that with my previous brand!


> -- 

> Vicki Jo


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