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I thought that’s what the new thingee they installed was called.  The part the new needle threader works with, the part that holds the needle.  I though they replaced the whole thing and that’s why they gave us new feet and said the old ones won’t fit?  Thingee a technical term?  LOL.


My feed dogs are sticking up about 1/16”.  How do I increase foot pressure? 


Thanks Jim!




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Unless your dealer changed it, you don't have a new needle bar mechanism. That's not part of the upgrade and it would be astonishingly rare for you to need a new one unless you tried to sew through a steel plate. If the needle bar is out of position it would normally cause skipped stitches. Your problem sounds like it may relate to either foot pressure (not enough) or feed dog height. If you can't resolve it see your dealer for help.

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