Re: Internet/15000

valora hammond

Thanks Jim.  Just had to renter the info a couple of times and finally preformed the magic.  Old house, computer far from router but machine close. Finally got it to communicate but going to set up and extender to see if that will help the signals. 
The messages didn’t tell me anything.  But then nothing is going to get the best of me. 
Thanks and miss you and Diane. 

On Apr 12, 2018, at 9:43 PM, onlinesewing@... wrote:

The message you're getting is frustratingly lacking on any kind of useful information. When each individual piece seems to be working it may be that your mom has a lot of other WiFi close by. Nearly everybody has it now, and each one is a radio broadcasting on a specific channel. In the US there are 11 channels, but they are so close together in frequency that the only real separation is between 1, 6, and 11. Your router is probably set to "Auto", which means it's supposed to pick the least crowded channel. Try changing to 1, 6, or 11, one by one to see if that helps. It also helps to have the machine as close to the router as possible, but usually you don't have much choice in that. Try to position the router as high as possible for the best signal distribution. As a diagnostic test, try moving the machine and iPad into the same room as the router. If it connects there, then you know you have a signal strength problem. Sometimes a repeater can help, usually sold as a WiFi "extender". This acts as a relay, so the signal to the machine is stronger. Note that even if the machine and the computer/iPad are in the same room the signal still has to go from iPad to router to machine. The machine and iPad have no connection to each other, only to the router.

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