Re: Sending Design to 12000 to Horizon Link


Thanks, I'll try that. It may be running a virus scan, actually.

I will shut it down later tonight and try again tomorrow.


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I've not done much with my Digitizer MBX & Horizon Link software programs. but I'm trying to send a monogram I set up through the Digitizer program to my machine through Horizon Link.

I keep getting this message. This happened one other time but eventually I was able to send the design. I am clueless what I am doing wrong here!

Here's the message I get:

"The machine is opening/saving a file. Start data transfer after opening/saving the file is completed."

Just to let you know, my desktop is running something and incredibly slow today. Whether that's affecting this, I have no clue!

Thanks for any information you can give me.

I will attempt again later and maybe it will work next time...unless I'm doing something wrong!

Marla Cooprider

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