Re: Thread

Pixey I know what you are doing...something I actually do myself all the time because I don’t have time to develop free motion skills, even if I did have the hand-eye coordination, which is doubtful.

For what you are doing, I usually just use my regular 50 wt polyester Robison Anton thread in the top and the bottom with the red dot bobbin case.  I don’t know if you have a clothsetter or not, but for me it makes a huge difference in my hooping accuracy.

One tip to offer when using a repeat free motion design, rather than printing a template and having the printer possible distort the design or print the run line too light to see, I make my own template from cutaway stabilizer.  I hoop the stabilizer.  Mark key points to correspond with my hoop center and corners, then stitch out the design in a bright contrasting color.  Then I trim around it.  I use painters tape to tape it to the quilt long enough to get the design centered in the hoop.  Remove and reuse.



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