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I use the Acufil quilting quite often using Warm and Natural batting.  To be honest, I just use Coats and Clarks all purpose for both top and bobbin.  I've never had any trouble and have used designs that came with the Acufil as well as designs downloaded on line.

On Mon, Mar 26, 2018, 6:32 PM Carole O'Mara <caroleinco@...> wrote:
Hi Pixie.  Thanks for your response.  Sorry I didn’t make myself clearer.  I will be using the design to quilt—a run line design—stitching all over, not dense.  I will be stitching through all layers using the largest hoop with the magnets to hold the sandwich.  I don’t want to do stitch in the ditch and am useless at free motion.  There are many designs available that are loopy, swirly, some with an actual design in it (star) that would look like  free motion.   Thanks for any advice.  

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Hi Carole,
I am not entirely clear what effect you are trying to get because I know people use the term “quilt” differently.  When you say use embroidery mode to quilt with a purchased design and higher stitch it a picture style design or still a run line style design.  If it is a picture style design, are you doing it on a block before adding the backing or are you stitching through all layers.  you really want to do a test stitch out to see what the back looks like because most designs with fills and layers of color are not intended to be reversible.  Either way 50 wt thread should be fine unless it is a really small, very dense design.

Can you provide a few more details?


On Mar 24, 2018, at 1:13 PM, Carole O'Mara <caroleinco@...> wrote:

Everyone was so helpful when I needed advice on how to use AcuFil that I now have another question.  I have the 12000 and have used the included designs in AcuFil for quilting single run borders .  I used 50 wt thread top and bobbin.  I would like to use the embroidery mode, using a purchased design from an embroidery site, to quilt the quilt.  What weight should I use since there will be a higher stitch count?  Thanks again for any advice.   
Carole – Colorado Springs

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