Re: MBX v5

Ceil J

I (of course) can't speak to MBX as I've only spread around rumors that I've heard online (sorry for that). But I can speak to what Jim says about Maggie.  When I first became aware of Maggie and read what Jim and others said I assumed that they were giving her such high praise as sometimes happens with some exaggeration.  I was happy when she invited me to join her group as I was looking for every opportunity to learn to digitize.  (I now know that this will be a very long process, one that I may never completely learn.)  But I had questions and Maggie responded and helped.  Then I actually downloaded a trial of Hatch and started running into difficulty as I had no experience doing this.  Maggie directed me to a video in the questions section which I thought was something created for those with similar questions.  As it turned out, she answered my questions with a lengthy video and addressed all the questions I had and then went back to ensure that she answered all of them.  I was astonished and embarrassed as well to have caused her to go through such trouble.  I have been watching digitizing videos from several platforms for about a month now and if I could only watch one set from any program it would be Maggie's as she takes the time to teach not only what to do but why to do it.  Her videos are a joy to listen to and I feel that I have a dear friend sitting next to me while I try to tackle this very new experience.  Well, she doesn't need praise from me.  So we are, and I am especially, fortunate that she is in this group and is so very generous with her talent, time and knowledge.  Thank you again, Mags!

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