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You’re welcome and you got that right!  I can barely turn around in here, and I’m always knocking something over.  Or getting bruised.  Ha!  Who knew.  If I knew this was going to be my full time passion I would have bought a house with a large room for my studio.  One with two living rooms would be ideal…



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Thanks for the photo. That is a great idea, especially the tip about drilling holes ( I guess thar’s why an ironing boards have holes in them). Right now I am still just using a reg ironing board and have a large table but it has my cutting mat on it (with rolling carts under it as you have). Somehow we never seem to have enough room ....or material lol

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I recycled a desk.  It has the added benefit of storage underneath.  It had four drawers and I added a rolling cart with 7 drawers to the other side.  The whole works is on gliders since I have hardwood floors.  It takes up some room in here, but I needed a large ironing board and storage.  If you decide to do a project like this I suggest drilling holes in the desktop before you cover it so the batting and cloth can get air to dry totally.  I’ll see if I can upload a pic so you can see it.  The desktop is 22”x48” and has the added benefit of a small rotary cutting mat fitting perfectly on one end.


I don’t see how to add photos to group but it looks like if I include them in the email they automatically go there?



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