Re: MBX v5

Jim Stutsman

Janome is generally not forthcoming, especially to me! So the best I can do is read the tea leaves. Clearly Wilcom is preparing for the day Janome stops using them, with the release of their Hatch product. It's pretty much a modular version of MBX V5, with a few feature differences. Janome won't drop MBX V5 until they have cleared it from the warehouse. After that it will depend on how well Artistic Digitizer sells. If Janome were to drop MBX V5 I would expect that Wilcom would swoop in with an upgraded Hatch and provide an easy migration path for existing MBX V5 users. Keep in mind that all this is pure SPECULATION. I have no inside track, no crystal ball, only my gut. And even that is bigger than it should be, though it's getting smaller every day!

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