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You should not be having any issues with newQuiltmaker if the upgrade was done correctly.  I use the red dot for regular sewing and the yellow dot for all embroidery.  That is exactly what I used for my 12,000 as well.  

My tensions are set exactly as they were set at the factory and not been touched.  I have owned the 7700 the 11,000 the 300E the 12,000 the 7700QCP and the 15,000 Quiltmaker and never have I ever touched the tensions.  I think you might consider a trip to the dealer if you are concerned.  


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I have the MC15000 upgraded to Quiltmaker. While using the yellow dot bobbin case and straight stitch plate for embroidery if I use a pre-wound bobbin of 80 weight and a 40 weight rayon on the top, I have the same issue as the original poster; no bobbin thread showing on the back, even if the embroidery tension is set to 10 (or all the way to the right). Or if I tighten the screw on the bobbin case 1/4 to 1/2 turn, this does not make any bobbin thread showing on the back of the embroidery.

If I use a 60 weight bobbin thread, pre-wound or wound on the machine I can see "some" bobbin thread on the back when using  40 weight thread on the top.

If I use the red dot bobbin case and 40 weight thread in the bobbin and 40 weight on top when looking at the back of the embroidery I have the classic 1/3rd top thread 1/3 bobbin thread 1/3 top thread showing.

Question:  Is this the software "glitch" referenced above with the 12000, or does the Janome not "play well" with such a difference in bobbin weight to top thread weight? Or does Janome not use the 1/3,1/3,1/3 rule for the back of a piece of embroidery? 

The machine has been serviced twice since I noticed this.

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