Re: Tension

Jim Stutsman

Are you changing bobbin cases for embroidery? Even if you are, it's probably a top tension issue. Since the mechanism is the same for both sewing and embroidery, it has to be due to the machine software making it looser. First check your settings in the Embroidery SET screen. Make sure the tension hasn't been set toward the minus. Also make sure that the thread is actually going into the tension when threading for embroidery - use the LOCK button before threading. If none of that pans out, then I would download and install/reinstall the 1.20 machine update. It's rare, but something in the machine programming may have gotten glitched, particularly if there were power issues at some point. It only takes a single bit to change between 0 and 1 to drastically change how the machine operates. If that doesn't clear it up, see your dealer for a checkup.

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