Re: Quilting question

Claire Schutz

I have made ironing board covers from heavy duty muslin. If I can find the name of the company which was in Oregon, they also had padding to go under it.  Its been over 25 yrs and they are still fine and yes, I do a lot of ironing even for clothes, tablecloths, etc. Should I find the name will let all know.  This is the best cover ever, worth the cost, Claire S.

On 3/12/2018 2:38 PM, Joyce VanAtta via Groups.Io wrote:
A lady in my quilt group said in order to really stitch in the ditch,
the seams should be pressed open in order to have a "ditch".
It makes sense when I think about it.
She did not mention anything about stitch length.

I made a half square triangle quilt and had a question about the bulk
in the seams.  Again, someone in class said she presses her seams
open then too.  I will have to try that next time.

Does anyone have a suggestion about what fabrics will make a
good ironing board cover??  My ironing board is very old, so
it is larger than the ones out there now, so none of those covers
will work.


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