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J Fraker

I bought a folding table at Lowe's that is two feet by four feet with a hard plastic top.  It is a perfect ironing board because I can press a full 44" width of fabric on it.  It has four legs, so is also a lot more sturdy than a regular ironing board.  It wasn't quite as high as I wanted, so I cut some pieces of 1" PVC pipe and slipped them over the table legs and put chair boots on the bottom of the PVC.  I put three layers of polyester batting on top, then used an old sheet in a light tan floral fabric to make the cover.  I put a drawstring in the cover so it is easy to remove for washing.  This is by far the best ironing board I've ever had, especially great for quilting.

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As I understand it, a fabric capable of withstanding higher heat should be chosen for covering ironing boards.  There is a fabric that can be purchased, either pre-quilted or not...Joann's and other fabric outlets sell it...or 100% cotton can be used.  Cotton will, of course, scorch or worse if an iron sole plate is set on it and allowed to just stay in place, however, I have made a travel, roll-up pressing cloth using cotton and two layers of Insul-Brite, and I have had no issues with it for the little I use it.  I only press on the 'plain' side...there is jumbo rick rack on the 'pretty' (and quilted) side, and it is a poly/cotton blend so I do not want to put heat on the rick rack.

- Cat (FL)


Does anyone have a suggestion about what fabrics will make a
good ironing board cover??  My ironing board is very old, so
it is larger than the ones out there now, so none of those covers
will work.


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