Re: Quilting question

Judy Jackson

Hi Linda,
Pressing seams to the side was the way I was taught 20 plus years ago but just recently I have been taking part in an Accuquilt ‘quilt along’ and the lady designing the blocks suggests opening the seams. Particularly on blocks with a lot of seams as you don’t get so much bulk laying in the centre of a block. I feel there is no right or wrong procedures, whichever you are happier with on results. 
Judy, Cornwall.

On Sun, 11 Mar 2018 at 21:04, Linda M Robertson <lindamrobertson7@...> wrote:
Just wondering how you quilters deal with seams.
Press to one side or open.  I was watching a Stitch in the Ditch, Leah Day video on YouTube.   And she presses her seams open but also uses a shorter stitch length.


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