Re: Digitizer MB v3.0P

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I was hooped once, back in the summer of 63. Couldn't walk right for nearly a week.

As you said, you can create your own hoops in Digitizer MB V3.0. However that only works for non-Janome formats. The JEF format includes a special code that tells the machine what hoop to use, and you can't save a custom hoop to a JEF or JEF+ format. What *might* work is to choose the MB-4 as your machine and the M1 hoop. Make sure you don't go bigger than 230mm on the long side of the hoop. Save to your USB drive and see if it will open. If it won't, try opening in Horizon Link and then saving back to USB.

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I have the 12000 and I have Digitizer MB V3.0P I am under the impression that you can use this with other machines, so I thought that if I create the hoops from the 12000 that it could work. However, I cannot save the design I created in any of the 12000 hoops to a USB stick. I really cannot afford the MBX at this time and I thought that this could been around the different hoop sizes. What am I doing wrong or am I hooped??

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