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Thanks from me too for posting this question.
yes it is annoying BUT more to my dog!! She womn't stay in the room with me when I sew on the 12000. Thay always stayed with me while I had the 6600 & 7700.
I miss her presence :-(


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The "clunk" sound is normal, related to checking the bobbin. If the bobbin sensor were optical you wouldn't have the noise, but then it might not work when the bobbin area got linty.

Serger thread for piecing is not a great idea. It's fuzzy and makes a lot of lint, which will build up in the bobbin case tension area where it can eventually cause loss of tension. Superior makes a lot of different threads. What you want is called Bottom Line. It's a very strong polyester and it's also fine. More importantly, it's made from long fibers so it's smooth with very little lint.

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Is there a way I can stop the clunk every time I start sewing after stopping and not raising the presser foot? I assume not but thought I'd ask. The more features you get, the more clunks you get!

Am using serger thread doing some piecing and the stitch isn't very good on the bottom. I bought some Superior Thread a few years ago and it broke as easy as serger thread so have been using serger thread sometimes for piecing. What do you think about serger thread for piecing? It's nice and thin to get an accurate seam allowance.

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