Re: AcuFil question

Carole O'Mara

I chose another included design (#7 on the 12000), a border design for the same wall hanging. I didn’t do a combined design as I did on the first one. After inputting the measurements, 16.5 x 4, the design showed on the computer, with a white background, no grid. I changed the hoop size to the SQ14. I Sent to the machine (direct connect), and machine received the design with the ASQ22 hoop. There is no Edit screen. It comes up as Ready to Sew. I’m thinking that since it’s an embroidery design for a quilt the ASQ22 is the default. I know it’s easier to use the ASQ22 with the magnets rather than SQ14 with the screw to tighten, it does mean making the quilt border much wider to accommodate the larger hoop and then trimming off the excess. Thanks.

Carole - Colorado Springs

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