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Claire Schutz

You need a twin needle to make pintucks, what do you do for that?  Claire S.

On 3/5/2018 11:03 AM, Cheryl Paul wrote:
A few years ago a friend with a 350e was interested in doing shadow work on her machine.  She was extremely frustrated as in embroidery on the machines previous to the 12/15000’s the needle position for embroidery was to the extreme left.  The twin needles available for the Janome machine were centred on the needle shaft so that one was a bit left and the other to the right.  You can see that this wouldn’t work on our machines when in the extreme left position as the left needle would strike the needle plate.  However, Elna had a needle with the very narrow twinning that had the left needle attached to the shaft and another needle welded to the right.  This worked for her BUT she wanted wider and that just wasn’t possible as all us friends looked everywhere to find such a twin needle.  I think eventually she moved on as something else showed up on the current scheme in her sewing world - she is one who like to try new things, then leave it when she’s learned it and go on the the new.

I know that these twin needles might still exist in a sewing store that has been in business a long time.  If enough ask for them, they might also be manufactured again.  I think we’d have more success in getting Janome to use the “Centre” position for the needle not do embroidery - then the twin needles on the market would work for embroidery.  Having said that, there may be a very valid technical reason that the needle is on the left for embroidery to get that precise position for perfect embroidery.

Cheryl - Saskatoon

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