Re: Twin needles

Anne Parker

The Elna EL x 705 ZWI is the right set twin needle - only comes in 2.0/90 as far as I know.  You would of course need to use the zig zag plate on your machine.

I've no idea if it works so up to you if you want to try. Note the right most needle is set lower than the left so I would suggest checking manually with the needle plate off that it doesn't hit the hook or the bobbin case.

One thing I have thought about doing is an embroidery with the single needle as usual, and then deliberately breaking the left most needle of a twin needle in order that I can still use the right needle with the zig zag plate and doing the embroidery again.  Not sure it would do anything different from just moving the design over a bit and embroidering again though.  Possibly some uses for trapunto work?

Just thinking anyway! :0)


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