Re: MBX v 5 stopped working

Judy Jackson

Thank you again Maggie.
Yes it is MBX v5 and I have windows 10 . I will print off your instructions for “hasp knocked sideways” and if this doesn’t work I will phone Janome uk again. I do appreciate your help (and Jim’s!). Not going to do it today though, time to relax. 
Judy, Cornwall

On Fri, 23 Feb 2018 at 13:59, maggie cooper via Groups.Io <> wrote:
Judy, don't give up sweetheart, I know how upsetting it is when something impacts on my programs, a very minor windows update last week killed my PDF reader and I have a huge collection of PDF documents. I spent an entire day trying to find a solution. 24 hours later and my PDF reader was functioning again, not my doing, there was apparently another almost unnoticeable MS update. 
OK now your problem, if you own MBX V5 download  although I wrote the PDF last year for V4 and 4.5 users, page 3 works if a windows update turns a soft dongle off. It tells you how to check if an update has switched off communication between the Hasp (dongle) and the program, then tells you how to re-enable it. If  doesn't prove to be a hasp knocked sideways by  windows update, keep contacting Tech Support, be a nuisance, you've heard the saying 'it's the creaky hinge gets the oil' well be the creaky hinge until you get a fix for your problem. Don't be rude but DO BE ASSERTIVE, you've invested your money in the program, you want a return on that investment. If it isn't in your nature to be a complainer, imagine yourself as the arch enemy of the silent majority, Maggie Thatcher, she needled, nagged, pushed until she got she wanted, you need to do the same.
Maggie Cooper in UK.

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