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Over our 25 years as dealers we bought thousands of bobbins, both Janome and (for a very short time) "generic" class 15. The Janome bobbins sometimes had a J on the spindle, sometimes B, sometimes nothing. It has varied over the years. The main difference between the Janome bobbins and the cheap imitations is the thickness of the plastic on the top and bottom of each bobbin. The generic ones are noticeably thinner, and as a consequence break much easier. The imitations also often have little plastic "whiskers" near the hole in the middle, from overused molds that allow small amounts of plastic to leak out around the injection point.

In our final 5 years we bought only the premium Janome bobbins, which contained a small amount of rubber in the plastic. These are part number 102261103. There aren't many visible differences, but they have a different feel to them. The rubber makes them just slightly less slick, so your finger drags ever so slightly when you rub one.

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A question about Janome bobbins. Have the Janome bobbins always had the "J" on the spindle? In checking over my bobbins, I find very few of them with this designation. I purchased a lot of supposedly Janome bobbins from my old Janome dealer in years past , and if this has always been on the bobbins, then this dealer sold me a lot of imitations. Just curious.

I noticed many of them have a letter or number (very small) on the outside edge.

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