Re: Digitizing Software Question

Kaye Lessard

Hi Cheryl
I have the Janome mbx from beginning too- & artistic suite full version
Dealer gave it to me to learn - hated it
Then went to Janome institute and learned how to use tools!! Easier then but way different than mbx took time but finally can do things in it- mainly for the cutter & rhinestones
Dealer gave me a demo version of the new artistic digizter to evalute if she should sell it!!
It is basically the full version with a new interface but still more cumbersome than mbx-
Also I haven't figured out how to adjust the satin stitch for appliqu├ęs to make them wider!!
It definitely is a beginner program and not as powerful as mbx!!!
I've never really looked at digitizer jr so will take time wed at store to really look and see how it compares!
But it could be an ok program for a beginner to auto digitize simple things but it also can do manual digitizing! It has the simpler digitizing features plus the cutting -rhinestone features in one program!
Hands down Janome is better for digitizing, and editing designs!!! It definitely not at same level as Janome!!!
For anyone with mbx 3-5 don't get it for digitizing- for the cutter yes but simple cut works the same in that part!
Really don't understand Janome for this!!!
Why go to a less powerful program!!
But again a beginner of embroidery and cutter may be who they are targeting!!!
Kaye in la

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