Re: MBX v 5 stopped working

Judy Jackson

Thank you Jim. I will try your suggestions ( already tried step 1 several times) . I will have to phone Janome UK on Monday if it doesn’t work after using your information. 
Ahhhh just seems everything goes wrong at the same time, iPad playing up too. 
Thanks again Jim, will let you know later if it works. 

On Sat, 17 Feb 2018 at 12:17, <onlinesewing@...> wrote:
Unfortunately this message translates to "Something is broken!" It is pretty much useless for anyone but the programmer who wrote the program. Here are a few things that you can do to try to get it going again:

  1. Restart your computer. This is pretty much standard for all Windows program problems. It clears out memory and stops background programs that may have gone awry.
  2. Click START -> All Programs -> Digitizer V5 Embroidery Software -> Digitizer V5 Embroidery Software Tools. Then pick "Purge Recovery". Do as instructed on the screen.
  3. Repeat the above steps and pick "Revert". This will reset the settings for Digitizer back to factory defaults.
  4. Try opening Digitizer V5. If it works, you're done.
  5. If it is still crashing repeat step 3 and pick "Reinstall HASP Drivers". This will reverse anything that Windows Update may have done in error.
  6. Try opening V5 again. If it works, you're done.
  7. At this point you're going to need help. You'll need to contact Janome tech support ( Be patient, as their staff is very busy and it can be a while before you hear back. If they can't resolve the problem they can connect you with Wilcom, who created the software.
DO NOT do the usual Windows "Uninstall -> Reinstall" shuffle! That could result in you losing one of your two activations and you would wind up even worse off. Because there is no dongle, this version relies on installation information to continue functioning. If it does need to be reinstalled Janome tech support will guide you through doing it correctly.

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