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They speak English in Scotland???? You could have fooled me! Before we closed the shop we had a couple from Scotland as customers. Diane and I would both listen to them, then compare notes to see if we could decipher what was said! As the might have said, our understanding gang aft aglay. (Apologies to Robert Burns!)
ROFL, all Scottish schools teach the Queens English, which is NOT the version coomonly known as Standard English. The closest example I can think of right now is the German, High German and Low German. The Scots still pronounce the H as in what, where, when, why, the English don't. But I will agree if you get a couple of Scots talking quickly in their local dialect, forget trying to understand it. Its usually a mix of gallic, English, colloquiel words and depending on their homeplace can be sharp and hard or soft and lilting. Then again I used to find it hard to tune into some Americans, and would get confused by things like sidewalk for pavement, creek for stream, yard for garden, its true we are divided by our shared language.
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