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What you have is the Brush Out Embroidery Kit. Originally it was sold as just the foot, just a CD of designs, or a complete kit of both foot and designs. That was 7 years ago, and Janome has been dragging it back out as a promotional freebie over and over since then. It's kind of a fun novelty, but we had trouble finding suitable baby yarn to use with it, and you can only make so many fuzzy designs. However if you have Digitizer (MBX or prior) you may enjoy designing your own fuzzy designs. This document at Janome will explain how:

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I am receiving my pack of the month this week, and the dealer opened it at my request to find some type of embroidery foot with a special tool to cut or make fuzzies after you do your embroidery. Does anyone know of the foot mentioned? It said it was for all MC embroidery machines. Judujanome.

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