Re: Accessories Janome S9


Page 9 in the manual pictures the felt and stabilizers. These are samples of what you might use for various embroidery projects.
Page 35 in the manual explains the uses of the Dual Feed Feet, also known as Acu-Feed system. Yes, they are the equivalent of walking feet.
There are two things I'm constantly amazed at: One that machine dealers actually sell machines without explaining what they are selling to the purchaser. Second, that the purchaser doesn't take an active role in discovering what they have purchased. Reading the manual that comes with the machine is vital to this process of learning.
I hope that this doesn't sound harsh, but seriously we spend several thousand dollars on a machine and to not take charge and learn all of it's beauties is strange. I'm retired from working in a Janome dealership and still teach there. Our purpose is to educate and equip our customers to get the fullness out of their machines, I wish that all dealers would do so.

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