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In my experience those who think they are computer experts have the most problems. That's because they charge ahead without reading instructions, and then when problems occur they immediately react without thinking, making the problems even worse. Yes, you can get over this. Start by getting yourself a safety net. Make a complete *image* backup of your computer to an external disk drive. This is something everyone should do anyway, so it's not wasted effort. One of my favorite programs for image backups is this one:
This way, even if things go horribly wrong, you can put your computer back like it was.

After you've made your backup, insert the MBX DVD in your computer and begin the installation. Read each and every screen before clicking the NEXT button, and be sure to check all the options except those involving languages you won't need. When you've done that you should be ready to go. Use the included DVD by Trevor Conquergood and explore the program. Take deep breaths and ENJOY learning something new. Learn the tools and use the program, and soon you'll have all your family and friends pestering you to embroider things for them.

Remember the old saying - Buy a woman a vacuum cleaner and she'll kick you where the sun don't shine. Buy her an embroidery machine and you won't see her for days at a time! That may not be quite how it goes, as I'm paraphrasing from memory. In any case, please keep us informed on your progress, and we in turn shall cheer your efforts!

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Hi I just wanted to put a post in on this thread. I have had my 1200 since Dec. Done little or no embroidery YET. And HAVEN"T installed the MBX program.
Why you ask - because I am not overly computer confident and I have been put off by all the issues I read about on the forum.
Can I get over this Jim???
Personnally I am not sure!

QLD Australia

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