Re: Malware alert

Sandra Williamson

In this group each person's email addresses are shown most of the time so I don't see this issue as an individual's responsibility to keep that information under wraps since it has already been shown (members only but that would include many addresses). 
Yes, my Gmail puts many messages in my spam folder & it does a fine job!  Infrequently & typically after missing an expected message, I look there & can 'un-spam' the message but mostly, it makes me realize how active & effective that system is. I'd say 99.8% of messages there need to remain. That system isn't flawless though as yesterday in an attempt to keep track of information, I emailed a tutorial to myself & an alert was put on it saying that it was likely not sent by that person!  I've used that for years because it works & has brought no attention til yesterday- I chuckled.
Anyway, while I get that remaining private is nearly impossible, our technology serves us well, makes communication around the world as efficient as contacting a neighbor. I could not be without these ways & while remaining private is challenging, remaining reachable is my priority.

On Mon, Jan 29, 2018 at 2:31 PM, onlinesewing@...
<onlinesewing@...> wrote:
This morning a message was posted from a member, or from a site pretending to be a member, supposedly containing a document from Microsoft One Drive. The link to open the document was to a site containing malware. If you receive this post please delete it immediately. I have deleted it from the group, as well as turned on moderation. That means it will take a little longer for posts to appear, because I'll have to review each one. I'd hoped to avoid that, but this is the Internet we have to live with now. If by chance you have already read the post AND clicked the link please use your anti-virus software to check for problems.

I'd hoped that we'd have a little more rigorous filtering here than on Yahoo, but the bad guys are very clever at avoiding such things. I'm sorry I didn't go moderated from the start - I really hoped we were over that!

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